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If you have (FAQ) questions about your plumbing system, we have the answers. After 35 years of local plumbing service and repairs in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Costa Mesa we have seen it all. Below are the most common FAQs and answers to your residential plumbing systems. 

FAQ: Seashore Plumbing

Depending on your situation, we can usually schedule a time, are day, which works best for you. In the case of an Emergency, we make it a “top priority” to respond right away.

We have fixed rate prices for each individual plumbing service, and in most cases, we can provide a quote for the work before we start. There are no hidden fees and no surprises, simply great service at an honest price.

We take calls from 8:am until Noon on Saturdays, but it is best to Schedule during the week for work on Saturdays. (Extra Charges may apply For Emergency Work.)

Yes! We are fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. We warranty our workmanship for one year. California Contractors State License – C36  Plumbing – Lic.#1000534

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This is a frequent problem with toilets. Slow leaking water from the tank, will trigger the fill valve to refill the tank. We carry all the tools and parts to repair it.

According to the manufacturers, the average life expectancy of a tank type water heater is 10 to 14 years. Over the years of heating, a buildup of hard calcium will develop on the bottom of the tank and cause this rumbling popping noise, unfortunately flushing and draining the water heater, will not remove the buildup, usually it is time for a new Water Heater.

This is a widespread problem that is usually associated with a hot water copper re-piping. When hot water lines are strapped to a solid surface, the expansion of the water line as it heats up and the contraction as it cools down, will sometimes sound like water dripping.

This is a sign that the Main Sewer line is backing up, and you should have it checked as soon as Possible! Some toilets will continue running when backed up, and can cause major damage to your home.

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Emergency Questions

You should always know where your main water shutoff is, and if it works or not. Most shutoff valves are in the front of your home by the hose connection or near the garage. If you’re not sure how to turn off your water, you should call the water department or a plumber to check that it is working properly and to show you how to operate it.

No! You should call your Gas service provider, or if it’s a strong smell, you should Call 911 and move away from the area. If the gas company shuts off your gas because of a leak, then you will need a Plumber to locate and repair the gas leak. 

You should first, turn off your main water shutoff valve, or water meter. Sometimes, a close Neighbor can help you with this. If these options aren’t available, then call your local water utility company .

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