Garbage Disposal Service and Installation

Insinkerator® Garbage Disposal service and installation in Huntington Beach, Call Seashore Plumbing. For information about what you should or should not put down the drain, see the video below. If you’re having problems with your disposal or would like to replace your old one with a more powerful and quieter one, then contact Seashore Plumbing today.

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Common Problems With Garbage Disposals

The most frequent problem with Garbage Disposals is foreign hard objects falling into the units and jamming the blades. Other issues include worn-out motors and leaking seals. The average life span is around eight to ten years. We carry top-of-the-line Insinkerator Disposals. For Garbage Disposal service and installation, contact Seashore Plumbing today!

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For all your Garbage Disposal needs, contact Seashore Plumbing. We carry the most common Insinkerator® units on our trucks and can have your issues resolved in no time.

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